Policy and Conditions Agreement

Macro Period plannings, Seasonal or Full Season will be invoiced for the entire amount. Partial payments on monthly basis will be agreed with customers.

Macro Period Plannings, both Seasonal or Full Season will be explicitly orientated to condition performance in WA calendar competitions such as WA720, WA1440, WA18Indoor and other competition formats directly linked with the above mentioned formats and with Olympic Games Competition format. WA Field Competitions, ArcheryGB Field competitions, others international NGBs, whatever other format of competition, whatever other discipline will be prepared after studying the specific movements scheme and competition format and situations only.

Although the program is suitable and tailored on individual necessities, a basic ability and confidence in Archery is essential. Each customer is kindly invited to book a test training session at Merlin Archery Center or at customer's own facility as advertised on www.merlinarchery.co.uk

Each customer will be asked to fill in a form containing a self-assessment of good basic fitness status and/or report any illness or previous injury that should affect the service or create any potential safety threat to the customer itself and/or liability to AZSportsConsultant employees.

Macro Period plannings, Seasonal or Full Season include:

Program sheet, sent in Excel Format per each Microcycle of program (week) or for the entire month. In no cases the customer is allowed to share files of Programs, Sessions and whatever material or file related if not under express authorization of any AZSportsConsultant responsible or authorized employee.

The first meeting at Merlin Archery Centre facility or at Customer facility free of charge within 40 miles from Nottingham. Other Location's fares must be agreed through contact.

Seasonal Plannings will include 1 follow up training session free of charge monthly at Merlin Archery Centre or at Customer's facility of the duration of 4 Hrs max within the distance above mentioned. Travel/accommodation costs to be agreed.

Additional training sessions will be charged at £25/hrs or £80 per Full Day (up to 8hrs; The training session might be split for quality purposes) per Season Planning Customers only; Multiple participants quote to be agreed.

Additional Training session cancellations are admitted and fully refunded not over 7 working days prior to the date agreed.

Participation and Coaching services for International competitions will be charged on the basis of Full Day Training rate for Season Planning Customers (£80); Travel and additional costs to be agreed.

Request of Contract Termination and Refund will be processed within 7 days from the service purchasing

Any other Sport different from Archery will require time to study:

- Energetic System(s) involved in the action
- Competition format
- Rules
- Calendar
- Individual Necessities
- NGBs necessities including Olympic and competition priorities in case of international athlete
- Any other information useful to provide a service of top quality

Consultancies fees for HR Services and Projects will be quoted individually

AZSportsConsultant is not responsible for:

  1. Wrong or modified usage of training tools that is different from the explained and showed usage;
  2. Modified or adapted exercises included in the programs
  3. Reiteration of training sessions or exercises contained in the training sessions for more repetitions than the stated, Weekly Microcycles, Monthly Microcycles, Seasonal Programs or Full Season Programs if not explicitly recommended by the AZSportsConsultant Coach(es).
  4. Other stresses of whatever kind added to the training plans, even if coming from other kind of activities
  5. Whatever threat or damage directly or indirectly derived from omitted information in the Introductory form and/or from third parties not explicitly included in the agreement between AZSportsConsultant and the Customer