Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning
As result of the “strong” research of specificity in performance research, the modern Science of Training has started up diverse physical “trends” that are taking part in the daily sport life of everyone, such as Functionalism, Cross-Fit, etc.

Following the ultimate studies of Sport Science, the application of Kinetic Chain concepts to Strength and Conditioning Elite preparation has opened and endless range of opportunity to create specific disturbs.

This great evolution made vital the already important role of the Strength and Conditioning as the main resource able to condition the athlete’s performance directly.

Calculating all the possible variables that may affect all preparation plans, the protocol of the S&C Coach starts from:

The old role of the S&C as “the man of the warm up and stretching” is definitely over.

As result of this, the tasks in Olympic staffs and the Recruitment Process itself is already being rewritten, designating a Strength and Conditioning Expert as “Head of Methodology” in many cases, with the direct responsibility of coordinating the Coaches of the specific disciplines as Technical Resources to concretize the know-how and all the other key resources as Strength Coaches, Physio, Masseurs, etc.

The Talent must be treated as a limited resource at the hectic day of today and, consequently, it can’t be left to its own destiny. Our job is to manage the present, conditioning the future, analysing the background of each athlete.

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